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Dear Friend,

2024 is the year of the Bitcoin Halving.

Each time the Halving has happened in the past, it's sparked a massive bull run...

This year, we expect the same to happen. And once again, we believe your biggest gains will be found in altcoins, which have seen gains of 10,000%+ in past crypto bull runs.

Because of this, we're doing everything we can right now to help you make a fortune in 2024!

That's why we want to give you access to our entire Altcoin portfolio — built specifically for the 2024 crypto bull run — plus $12,000 in extra crypto goodies... for a single dollar today!

Here's what you're getting:

1. Instant Access to Our Entire Crypto Model Portfolio!

(A $5,000 Per Year Value!)

Since we believe 2024 could be the biggest crypto bull run of all time, we’re doing something special... 

For those that want to get positioned for the crypto revolution right away, we’re giving you instant access to our entire crypto model portfolio today.
Just recently I released some new coin recommendations to our community that, if followed, could have brought you…
  • 243% growth with OCEAN...
  • ​​555% growth with Fetch.AI...
  • ​And incredible 943% growth with AGIX!
And I don’t want you to miss out on what’s coming next… because I believe the next gains could be even bigger!

That’s why we are giving you instant access to our entire crypto model portfolio — with the coins we recommend for maximum gains right now — so you can take advantage today!

These are the best of the best coins in terms of revolutionary technology, real use cases, user growth, institutional interest, and many other key variables. Every coin we recommend undergoes a meticulous research and vetting process by my team, myself, and many other experts.

In addition to getting instant access to the model portfolio right now… you are also going to get alerts every time we recommend a new coin, along with exact buy/sell price targets.

In short, we designed this crypto model portfolio to be your simplest and safest path to wealth and success in the crypto market today. 

And, as incredible as all this is, it's just the start of what you will get today…
2. A Special Report of the Top 10 Cryptocurrencies to Buy Right Now!

(A $1,000 Value!)

The market has already seen significant gains in the past few months alone.

And several of the coins we've recommended to our community are already up 100%, 200%, even 470%... since we've recommended them!

That's why today we will send you a special report containing the top 10 cryptos my team and I consider the BIGGEST opportunities in the market right now.

Simply pick-up these 10 cryptos and you'll immediately have one of the top portfolios possible in the market today. Think of this special report as your "quick start" to major crypto success, even if you're a total beginner. 

Your special report includes the name of all 10 of these cryptocurrencies, WHY we're so excited about them, and step-by-step guides to quickly and safely add them to your portfolio right away. So you don't miss what's coming in the market next! 

3. The Private Cryptnation Community!

(A $2,000 Per Year Value!)

The Cryptnation Private Community is the most plugged-in and well-connected community in all of blockchain and crypto.

  • It features CEOs, hedge fund managers, developers, top traders, and thought leaders...
  • It's also full of people who are total beginners in crypto... and love the movement...
  • It's full of people who do crypto on the side... and those who have dedicated their lives to it!

In this community you see our recommended trades, as well as the trades of many other experts and brilliant traders in the community. 

We also answer your questions inside this community. 

And you will be able to network with all the amazing people here who are so supportive of one another. It’s like a family. 

With over 19,000 members (and counting), you'll get support and feedback on whatever your goals are.

And here we also post the latest breaking news, insights, hot tips, and extra recommendations you can't get anywhere else... in addition to the portfolios you already have access to!

4. Our Cryptnation Weekly Income Newsletter!

(A $1,000 Per Year Value!)

Every week you will get a detailed email newsletter full of all the newest and most exciting profit opportunities my team of experts and I discovered in the market that week.

Your "Weekly Income Newsletter" contains hot new altcoin recommendations with buy/sell targets and everything else you need to potentially make a fortune with them.

It also includes new trends so you can get in early, technical analysis, and anything else we believe will help you make money that week. 

That's why it'll soon be the email you look forward to reading the most every week!

The Total Value Of This Package Is $9,000 Per Year!

But of course, you are not going to pay $9,000 per year for all of this…

Because our goal is to help as many people as possible profit from the crypto market. 

So we initially decided to make all this available for just $297 a month. 

We were told by many in our community that $297 a month is more than worth everything we are giving you…

Because it has the potential to make you thousands, tens of thousands, and even more per month…

HOWEVER, as I said, we don’t want anything standing in anyone’s way from profiting from all the amazing opportunities in the crypto market right now… and so…

We are going to give you everything for nowhere close to $297 a month.

In fact, we decided to make “the craziest offer ever” available to you today!

So here are the details of everything we have for you today…
Get Instant Access To Everything For Only $1 Today!
You will get complete access to everything I just mentioned for a dollar for 7 days.
  • You will get access to our ENTIRE crypto model portfolio… right now! 
  • You will get instant access to our Top 10 Cryptocurrencies report… right now!
  • You will get instant access to our Private Cryptnation Community… right now!
  • ​You will get instant access to our Cryptnation Weekly Income Newsletter… right now!
Then, after seven days, if you’re absolutely overjoyed and blown away, rather than being billed $297 per month you’ll be billed just $49.95 per month to stay a member thereafter!

And you can cancel your membership anytime by emailing us at 

We have over 19,000 happy members in our “Cryptnation” community which gives you access to everything above, and we know you will be overjoyed as well. 

You Are Backed By A 100% 90-Day Money Back Guarantee!
Yes, if at any point in the first 90 days you are not overjoyed with your Cryptnation membership, simply send us an email and we will refund you 100%, no questions asked. 

So you have absolutely nothing to lose, and everything to gain. 

We know you will be overjoyed with your membership, just as our current 19,000+ members are. 

Plus, we have some surprise gifts available for you as soon as you join today, because we want to absolutely over-deliver to you and help you maximize all the crypto gains possible. 

You are getting instant access to all these surprise gifts as well today.
That’s How Confident We Are That You Are Going To Love All This!


  • Our Entire Crypto Model Portfolio - $5,000/Year Value
  • ​The Top 10 Cryptocurrencies to Hold Right Now Report - $1,000/Year Value
  • Membership to the Cryptnation Private Community - $2,000/Year Value
  • The Cryptnation "Weekly Crypto Income" Newsletter - $1,000/Year Value

TOTAL VALUE: $9,000.00

You Pay: Just One Dollar Today!

 Capture The Gains Available In The Crypto Market Today!

Don’t miss out on the next coins to go up 50%... 100%... and more…

Get our “Top 10 Cryptocurrencies To Hold Right Now” delivered instantly to you. We’re making this available to you for only $1 today on this special page. Join today, so you don’t miss out on any more gains!

ATTENTION: Please do not share this page with anyone. We are making this special offer available to you as a “welcome gift” for registering to the Crypto Hedge Fund Summit today. We want to over-deliver to you and we are excited to have you as part of our community. 
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